Happy Monday to all! Monday is here, everything’s a­okay. I’ve moved without a problem, the new website is being fine­tuned and Léna, the new Wear Lemonade dress is here. I think that I can say without hesitation: the planets have aligned and thanks to the lovely printed silk we’re all going to have a marvelous week. As I wrote on Saturday, this shirt dress is a great basic. It’s versatile, great for day wear with a pair of derby shoes and socks, you’ll be ready for any kind of job on earth and after 7 pm with a pair of heels and a good red lip you’ll be stunning. Oh yes, stunning my friends. I wanted it to be ambivalent a little like women, with its tomboy shirt collar and low waist. Mixed up with its little breast pockets and pleats in 100% silk, it’s an ode to elegance and femininity! And as a bonus, side pockets are hidden in the hollow pleats, making it one­of­a­kind. You’ll see why I’m such a fan! It’s so light and airy, it’ll have you twirling for hours!
Léna exists in“bleu de tes yeux sur­teint”, which gives it a ‘washed’ look, adding depth to the fabric. It has small covered buttons, 4 handy pockets and a little scoop neck that will make your neck look slender and sleek, satisfaction guaranteed. And it’s available in a “beau regard” or “false lashes” pattern that’s screen­printed on silk... In the making­of video I’ll show you how the pattern transitioned from paper to textile. This an exclusive motif, just like our scarves that you’ve gobbled up! These dresses are so practical, they can be worn all year long, buttoned­up to the neck with a ribbon as an ascot, a good pair of tights and a nice soft vest, or with strappy sandals and a trusty jean jacket, showing off your sun­kissed tan.
It’s easy to take care of this dress. Everyone makes a big deal out of 100% silk, but besides the highly recommended “hand wash, do not spin dry, let dry on hanger”, occasionally you can machine wash it... for real! But how you ask? Next time you wash your tights and intimates, simply turn it inside­out and put it in a laundry bag for delicates. Wash it on the cold (or delicate) setting. Don’t forget to put the blue “de tes yeux” Léna dress with darks, the “beau regard” dress with whites/lights. Hang it up to dry on a hanger and as for ironing it, just use the steam from an iron, without actually touching the dress. It’ll smooth out like magic!
Today’s also the launch of our little good­luck Belinda panties! Because besides being blue­eyed, Belinda, is also a feel­good cotton pantie that’ll make your derriere nice and round thanks to its trompe l’œil elastic band and since I bet you already have a favorite pair that wouldn’t hurt to replace! “Entrepreneuse” is the little pantie that’ll get you started, or it’s the perfect gift for all your friends that want to take the plunge! “Good luck”, great for a meeting with a client or a first date... “High Five” for motivation to seize the day! Belinda’s are the panties that have that “je ne sais quoi” that’ll make you feel like can take on the world!
We’ve collaborated with the Lycée Professionnel des Métiers de la Mode Octave Feuillet for the embroidery on these little panties. Tiffany was kind enough to invite us to her embroidering class and show us their savoir­faire. We’d like to thank her for that, as well as her thoughtful students and Ms. Le Jallé. You can contact them via their website for more information on their courses and upcoming open house March 18th and 19th! Lycée Professionnel des Métiers de la Mode Octave Feuillet , 9 rue Octave Feuillet, 75016 Paris.
To sum it up : Everything is available on the Wear Lemonade website of course and for those who can’t get enough of DIY, the Lena sewing pattern is available tomorrow at 11 am! A big thanks to Pauline Darley for her photography, to Mademoiselle Mu for doing makeup and to Musicalist for the video’s music!
Translated by Whitney Bolin
29 février, 2016