Happy Friday my darlings! Today it’s time for the Lila sewing pattern! You’ve already heard about the Lila skirt,Ibelieve that I told you everything yesterday. Even on the other side of the world it’s so lovely, it’s actually on my derrière! It’s not difficult to make, I’d even say it’s a piece of cake. However, the difficulty lies in the quantity of parts to give it its’ special fit! But nothing’s impossible, I promise, if you arm yourself with a bunch of post­its and a pen everything will go smoothly... I suggest you cut out of the fabric the pieces of the pattern, otherwise you might get lost, and as you move along and use the pieces, pin your post­its on them with their name!
-As for the fabric, I suggest something a bit thick, that holds it’s form well, like denim canvas, cotton gabardine or why not colorful neoprene. I think that as far as skirts go , you can go wild with color! However if you choose a fairly light fabric, I advise you use interfacing to help it hold it’s shape and if you’ve already done the Lolita, Rosa, and even the Malia, the lining should no longer be a problem for you! So let’s get to it, maybe even do a sheath lining this time! I promise that even for me this was a walk in the park. Lila is the sort of skirt that you can sew on Sunday for work on Monday...
Here’s some important things about the Lila:
  • You can buy the sewing pattern in it’s lovely packaging with the explanations booklet and it’s little tag here, for 14,90 euros.
  • You can download the PDF version of the pattern for 2,99 euros, now with the sewing booklet included! Don’t hesitate to click on the little number “2” on the product list for the sheet placement, but otherwise it’s included in the pattern. It can be printed on A4 and US letter formats.
  • The difficulty level is: “easy­peasy”, if you don’t do the lining, but you can take it to the next level with a sheath lining
  • For this skirt, for the biggest size plan on: using 1,40m of fabric from a bolt of fabric measuring 1m40 in width (classic width) or 1,80 for 1m10 of fabric. The same quantity of interfacing (if necessary) and 6 snaps or other buttons. We suggest you make this with a fabric that maintains its’ shape or even in denim without a lining for those in a hurry!
  • A little reminder, since it’s always good to mention it here: in all the Wear Lemonade patterns, the sewing value is included in the pattern and it’s one centimeter (except when the reare french seams, but don’t panic, in written in black and white on the pattern)!
  • If you’re stuck, please leave a comment on the community page!
Since it’s our last pattern in the “can’t take my eyes off of you” collection, we’ve slipped in one of our famous golden tickets! This time, if you find it in one of your Lila patterns (just one) you could win a Wanda trench coat, a Lena dress, as well as a Sonia t­shirt and a little Belinda panty (in the color of your choice): a plethora of Wear Lemonade just for you, valued at 380 euros. So my darlings, are you ready? Sending you hugs and kisses from the other side of the planet! Translated by Whitney Bolin
01 avril, 2016