My little kittens!

I wish you a wonderful New Year…Oh no, more season’s greetings, I know what you’re thinking, it’s too much, overdone, but it’s a mandatory rite of passage, so come on, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture, there are worse things in life than sending best wishes to those you love…So for the coming year, I wish you freedom, and may a part of your dreams come true, because you should leave some dreams to work on in 2016…I of course wish you love and may you find joy in everything you do each day. Not an easy task, I know, but to make it short and sweet, get your butts in gear!



I love how New Year’s is always filled with hope and good resolutions that we never hold ourselves to. In fact, I was rather quick to break one already, January 1st at 10:24 pm, I scoffed down a Big Mac, and said goodbye to my resolution of eating healthy. I think my top resolution this year will be to not give up. I mean, sometimes I feel like everything must be perfect, all the time, otherwise it’s not even worth doing. Let me explain: For example, I decided that this year I will take my make-up off every night, practice meditation every morning, etc. So if I forget to do one of these things just once, I give up for the rest of the week and tell myself I will try again for a perfect week next time. As if every Monday were the beginning of a new year, a new beginning, just like the month of September. So this year, I have no good resolutions, not wait until Monday to try not to “mess up.” “Mess up” or “stray from the straight and narrow” but then get back on the “right path” the following morning, because in the end I will never be perfect, and that’s okay.



In short, I hope that you too are filled with good intentions! And goals…For January, my goals, and those of the studio, are:

  • Find office space
  • Establish a schedule for publishing
  • Get started on sewing patterns
  • Work on the next book (!!!)
  • Finish work by 6 pm at least once a week

Let’s check back with each other in one month to assess and set new challenges! You might feel like it doesn’t help to write down your intentions on paper, as if your sheets of paper and pen would become crucial witnesses whom you just can’t disappoint…Sending big kisses and wishing you truly the best.



Translated by Ida Driscoll.

05 janvier, 2015