Hello my little kitties!

Today I am back with a post that means so much to me. While preparing it, I remembered the first project I did when I opened this blog: the Christmassy preparations for my family. It was a project that I really loved to do, and that worked perfectly, everything was fine and easy, a real pleasure… Anyway, I have to tell you or to remember you that I am going to get married in few months. It is so complicated to organize the wedding, especially when you want to marry a foreigner… Some subjects really stagnate, some others are working very well: finding the dress, drawing the shoes, choosing the wedding cake, having the good music, ordering the rings, imaging the decoration, it is very exciting. However, the administrative papers, the place, and the caterer are more complicated… Finger crossed, it is going to be fine, I believe in my lucky star. Besides this crazy event, there are also the entrepreneurship life, the family, and urban family life… Moreover, as we only get married once, I want to enjoy all these little moments around this event.




You probably do not know but I am a huge fan of the American traditions such as the bridesmaids with the same dress, the twelve-sections invitations, outdoors ceremonies, and all that is coming with it… I chose to have 5 bridesmaids, 5 friends I see all the time. I wanted to offer them a box full of crazy accessories.




Two years ago, I met Anouch and Laurence during a closet clean-out, the two talented creators of Epouse-moi Cocotte, and I discovered the work they have done on their website "'un beau jour". I was in love with the poesy of the pictures and the humor of their creations, and we told each other that one-day we had to do something together… The wedding occasion was a very nice opportunity to do so! We met and talked about an “Ultimate Kit of the butter heat bridesmaid”. The idea was to imagine a creation with three brains. I wanted something girly but not too much, without pink you know… I took my nail polishes collection and I created a kind of colorful marbling that I took in picture and the girls found nice little words so they decided to imagine a shopping bag and a mirror now available on their eshop.




In this kit you can find:

  • - A shopping bag and a pocket mirror “Audacieuse, Folle et Amoureuse” (Audacious, Crazy and In Love) from Epouse moi Cocotte
  • - A little Karuna Balloo flower
  • - A disposable camera, this reference for the Mon petit chat va sortir (Watch the kitty!) customization pattern
  • - Visine red-eye reduction drops “after party drops”
  • - A Urban Outfitters vegan leather flask to fill in obviously…
  • - A nail polish from Claire’s
  • - A handkerchief with a “sèche tes larmes mon petit chat” (dry your tears my little kitty) transfer
  • - A super gold and huge diamond ring from H&M
  • - A UO mattifying mask
  • - An elastic band and emergency hairpins from H&M
  • - And Doliprane 500 (for the day after the bachelorette party)…




To create this box you need:

  • - To download the pattern and print the different parts of the box on thick Bristol paper
  • - A metallic ruler
  • - Green glue
  • - A scalpel and a pair of scissors




Start to cut inside the black lines with scissors or a scalpel for more precisions…




On the opening parts of the box you can find small notches that will be help you indicating the folds to create with a blunt scalpel or a needle.




Preform the folds of the top of the box but also of the stop trips, everywhere on the box.




Follow the assembly guide of the box that you will find in the PDF. Do not forget to hollow the part that will welcome the rounded strip. Stick with the green Scotch glue holding a bit the parts together.




The box starts to look well and for more support, I advice you to create a 26cm Bristol paper strip + few centimeters each side for the flaps and to double/triple the strip so that it will be very rigid.




Fix it inside the box and fill in your kit with all the gifts and close the box. Here we are!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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15 juillet, 2015