Happy Friday my little kitties!

I hope you are ready to go on holidays and that packing and planning have no secret for you. For me it is more complicated. I am so bad at packing. I always take too much stuff with me that I never wear. I bring 4 pair of shoes and I finally only wear my Brazilian plastic blue flip-flops that look so bad and that I bought 10 years ago… but I love them. I always take many dresses but deep inside I know that I will wear my bathing suit all the time with a loose white t-shirt. I also systematically forget to take my toiletry case or my headbands and hair clips with me, and I can feel my fringe stuck to my forehead during the scorching heat…




Then, you also have the weather that is an important factor to consider, and sometimes when I want to organize a trip, I have a look at it and I observe the rainfall probability index. Thus, over the past years, I learnt that the weather forecast cannot be trusted, same for the post office. When the weather presenter is playing Russian roulette with the cumulus, I am packing with the terrible sensation that I am taking too much stuff. Then, once the holidays over, it is time to unpack… (2 weeks later to keep the holiday mode on). Anyway, this critical moment when you open your suitcase, which still smells warm sand and wet bathing suit, and you still feel disappointed when you realize that you only wore one third of the clothes you took. At this time, you curse the weather presenter who lied to you and you knew it…




However, while writing you these lines, I am sure that I will succeed and break the curse taking some packing lessons. I really have to in order not to fail, break my back, forget something but also be mad at the weather presenter. Nevertheless, about unpacking right after being back home, it is another story…




Today I am wearing a light palm shirt from H&M (current collection), a Topshop short from last year, a pair of cheerleader boots from Topshop too, a gorgeous Tammy et Benjamin bag bought on L'exception, a Karuna Balloo flower and birds rings from my trip to Thailand!




Thank you Lâm Hua for these pictures!!! <3

Translated by Coralie Clair

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17 juillet, 2015