TUTO: Plumetis socks

Let's go for a sewing tuto: feather duster socks 💃

Very quick to make, the only technical point is to use a slightly stretchy plumetis: test its elasticity before choosing it, as it is essential for putting on the socks :-) 

They're a perfect bonus to add to your Christmas gifts!

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • 50 x 50 cm of plumetis or stretch tulle
  • sewing machine, pins, thread
  • A3 paper, chalk and scissors
  • optional: a small piece of fabric (20 x 20 cm) to create a toe box for added comfort

👉How tomake :

Draw a quick pattern . You can use one of your socks to trace the heel, but at the front of the foot you'll need a straight line, so use the edge of your sheet of paper. Plan for a width much larger than your foot: here our dimensions for a size 39 were 15 cm wide (at the widest point, at heel level) and 42 cm high.

Fold your fabric right sides together, making sure that the stretch side runs widthwise. Pin on pattern , the straight side along the fold, leaving a margin at the top (about 10cm), to get the "accordion" effect on the ankle.

Cut all along the side opposite the fold, i.e. the part with the heel.

Open the fabric, place the small coupon underneath to create the toe, mark the outline and cut out.

Place on the reverse side of your duster, pin in place. Then zig-zag stitch across the width as shown in the video. 

Then fold right sides together again, pin, stitch in a tight zig-zag along the entire length of the foot to the ankle. Trim excess fabric, turn inside out.

Do all this in duplicate of course 🙃...