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 I took my time to make this post but this beginning of june was cra-azy! There is so much I need to tell you, not now because it’s not the time but I have lots of things to say! I had about 2000 pictures (almost) to sort, I had to make a nice color correction on the pictures, a real job in short and on the top of that was my work and some crazy stuffs... Life! (although I realize I am a damned privileged but not at all used to live so many mad things every week).

 I have a felling that you’re in the dark here so I’m going to explain... Two weeks ago I was invited by Dior beauty to spend two days and a night in Cannes in this incredible hotel that is the Majestic... And to discover the Dior Suite... (I didn’t actually sleep into the suite... But I admit that my room’s bathroom might have been as big as my living room and my bedroom altogether and I didn’t want to leave of course!) The Dior Suite, it’s a gigantic space that is entirely redecorated every year matching the trendy colors and it’s dedicated to the preparation of all the stars and the member of this big Cinema family... You can find the Dior beauty team, the dream team with make-up artists and hairdressers coming from every place in the world, and I certainly cannot forget to tell you about the genius manicures... Clearly an idyllic zone for any self-respecting beauty addicts...




At first I was quite intimidated because it seems to me that sending a girl with a blog with her camera to «test» a royal preparation in Cannes without seeing a movie was dubious... But I was not about to stay away from my pleasure to get dressed up by experts... And when we arrive Oh joy, love, glitters and stiletto the team had made the impossible: two tickets were waiting for us to go see Guillaume Canet’s movie Blood Ties... (How is it that my life looks like a Disney ?)




 I’m giving you instants of these Cannes moments... And also mini interviews of this crazy hairdresser Cyril Auchère and of my heart-winner Love of the Week make-up artist: Fred Marin... Another Fred... And in a few days a video so you can feel the craziness of Cannes vs the zen of this magical suite...

I will tell you about the rest of my adventures and other stories such as how a reader recognized me at the top of the red carpet (it’s all right...) and how we can suddenly forget how to take the stairs and everything...





Express Interview of Cyril Auchère, the hairdresser that twists until you die... He is not a beginner it’s his 10th Festival and his (mummy) advice for a beginner in Cannes like me, is to always have a pair of ballerina flat shoes in your bag... After all beauty must also be about comfort!

- What are your 3 beauty musts (that’d saved you in every circumstances)?

 So according to Cyril it is essential to have a good hair straightener (or how to ban the big waffle-maker-like ones...), a dry shampoo to save your hair on a hot day... And the dry shampoo gives to the hair a mate texture that Cyril loves... And to finish, he thinks that any kind of crazy accessories to put in your hair twists any banal hairstyle...

 - What does all the women do that they should immediately stop to do !?

 With no hesitation, as if he was expecting this question he answers me, cut their fringe themselves, let’s leave the scissors alone... And he adds that leaving a mask for a all nights is really not a good idea... Unless you want to have greasy hair or doing laundry...




- Your favorite product that never leaves you ?

Leonor Greyl’s styling cream for dry hair whose name is «éclat naturel» and which textures the hair and gives it a mat finishing touch that tame any rebellious hair...

- Who is the Dior woman ?

He tells me that for him the Dior woman is timeless, she knows how to cross the times, she has the chic and the casual of a parisian woman but also the grace and the perfection of the great american actresses... And I ask him if he had to choose only one, and he tells me: Marion Cotillard of course...




Once my hair were done, it’s the turn of Fred Marin’s expert hands to treat me. He told me his life and I could have listened to him for hours, former dancer at Music Hall, from the Moulin Rouge to the Folies Bergères, he danced for 20 years, and during that time he discovers the joy of make-up and the preparation in the mirror. Truly inspired by color, he makes up his coworkers with all one’s might before their shows. He thus decide to stop his career as a dancer, before his body gets tired and throw himself, determined, in a wonderful career change.




- What are your 3 beauty musts ?  

First of all the basis of a beautiful make-up is a good removal of make-up (amen), «You remove your make-up every night, with serum, or with a daily cream, EVERY NIGHT». His second commandment is: you use and over use lipstick. And to finish with you brush your eyebrows, and if you don’t have any eyebrow brush you take a toothbrush... (Ahh the eyebrows my new beauty obsession...) 

- What does all the women do that they should immediately stop to do !?

The cry from the heart of Fred: «STOP HAVING YOUR EYEBROWS TATTOOED!»

- Your favorite product that never leaves you ?

His favorite product is a face illuminator, the Skin Flash Primer from Christian Dior of course, to use as an anti-fatigue remedy or to mix up with your usual base, it a magical way of illuminating you face. You’ll be glowing you see...

- Who is the Dior woman ?

When I asked him this question his eyes lit up, and we talked about the body, the attitude, the bearing of the great actress in the ‘40s... And he talked to me about the élégance à la française of Fanny Ardant and about the incredible body of Jane Fonda... And I asked him to choose one: it was obviously too hard! He told me Grace Jelly and Mélanie Laurent!




And here is the red carpet clearly CRAZY ! I know this article was long but I had too many things to show you you know! THANK YOU a 1000th times to Isabel and Celia for their welcome! And to my lover for all these beautiful pictures...



04 juin, 2013