My little chestnuts, 

Some time ago I promised you this new making of section, well the person who is going to handle it is Charlotte S., I hope you’ll enjoy it! Without another word I leave it to Charlotte who is going to animate this section, you cannot imagine how stressed I am since I’m not great with all this delegating process, but I know Charlotte will be perfect, she proved it to me a hundred times before…

Time has come to finally start this new section that I’m proud to write: as you probably already know these past few weeks were full of strong emotions for Lisa and I with moving out and moving in and every other daily adventures. So it is only today that I can share all of it with you and who you some Make My Lemonade backstage. Some pictures are from a few weeks back and it’s true we were overwhelmed but I promise to fix all of it really soon. We noticed you enjoyed the Comptoir des Cotonniers video and other « Making of » moments so I hope you’ll like the section and I’ll be able to make it a regular thing!

I felt like I had to make Frida star of the first picture with this perfect moment from the vide-dressing where it was quite hard for her to let some things go. This vide-dressing was such a good time, you were numerous to come and it was definitely lighter on the moving out part! Frida had quite a hard time with it but let me reassure you, she is now fully happy in her new home and she’s almost completely stopped chewing tape…




Day 2 after moving in: in the middle of the « assembly of IKEA furnitures » session, Lisa never wastes a minute and her phone never stops ringing ! And because we are evolving all the time, like little pokemons, we are now the pro of furnitures assembly.




Frida, everyday our best ally, tries everything we want her to. She is our fan #1 and our best support, almost always ready to give us a paw. Here she wears the first prototype of a paper shoe, you might have discovered the final version in the last Newsletter (and if you still haven’t subscribe yet you know what you have to do).




We are finally in: the new office! It really wasn’t an easy deal but as Freddy would say: « we are the champions my friend » ! So okay we still have some tidying to do but this office is like the Graal: Lisa has been talking about it for months, because working on her couch is nice but it sometimes prevents us from being productive (yes because playing with Friday takes at least an hour a day…). But we now will be able to be at our best and to flood you with new posts! Frida, if you read this, know that my heart hurts from not seeing you anymore but we had to… Don’t question yourself it’s not you it’s me…




You might have already seen it on Instagram: last friday we spent the day at Disney’s! Okay let me stop you now: it was for a good cause! A few days ago the famous attraction « It’s a small world » turned 50 ! 50 years old of dreams for everyone in the family and 50 years old of the same catchy song… Anyway for the occasion Lisa was asked to imagine a new outfit for a doll ! She accepted without a second thought and we decided to dress the nice Japanese one !




As you can see I’m quite « the doll whisperer ». Since Lisa was in Australia at that time, I was in charge of the production of the dress (with Lisa as an inspector at the end!). With a few days of work and lots of paper cut, our doll came out with a nice kimono covered in hundreds of paper flowers. Every designers’ doll are available to see at Disney’s until summer and will then be sold at auction to bring - hopefully - lots of money to Unicef.




Yesterday was for us the occasion to see our doll exhibited but mostly to discover a place that everybody has once dreamed to know if it existed: the Disney’s costumes creation workshop ! I’m not going to say another word, you’ll discover it in a while… 




Okay so that was a little recap of our last adventures. Sweet kisses and I’ll talk to you soon! (I think about a little nickname for you, I hope you too one day will be my little cats or my little otters…)

Charlotte S. 

21 avril, 2014