Hello my little kitties!

I am writing you this post from my Greek sweet paradise, where we decided to stay a bit longer… We said “Yes I do” last Friday and Saturday with Thomas (twice is better…). I do not have the words right now to describe how magic it was, we went to the moon, it is certain… Thank you for your messages, thoughts, kindness, it is so good! I will not hide you that I do not really want to get out of this dream for the moment, but fortunately we prepared you some nice posts before I left so that you will always have your lemon dose! I will tell you more about this lovely moment next week but right now I want to keep it for us.

Today, we are going to do a decoration DIY, headier than a chocolate spring or going for a hike with a unicorn… I almost cannot wait to be back at the office to see these little boxes again. The plexiglas box to “break” in case of good (or bad) news… You can play with the content and choose colorful confetti for a child room, sand “to break is case of holidays” for the office… Have fun!




There are different ways to realize the lettering. The better one is to ask a printer to do it on a black sticker, with a transparent background and at the real size of your plexiglas box. If you have a silhouette “printer” (same as our Michel, I need to introduce him to you) you can also cut directly your black sticker using transfer paper for stickers. Another method, you can print your text and then transfer it by hand with a posca pen or a black permanent one. I cannot wait to see your creations!




For this DIY you need:

  • - Transparent plexiglas boxes: I found mine at the BHV in Paris
  • - Scissors
  • - Flat pliers
  • - Masking tape
  • - A lighter
  • - A nail or a screw
  • - Confetti, glitter and others!

Use flat pliers to hold the screw and heat it with a lighter.




Once the screw is very hot, put in on the plexiglas box to make a hole. It will be used to fix the box.




Fill the box with confetti (as you can see, a bowl is not enough!).




Close the box and use a nice masking tape to fix the lid so that it is waterproof (if you do not want to see your flat full of confetti, but it is up to you!).




Time to put the text on the box depending on the method you chose.




Stick the lettering and then unstick the transparent film. Here we are!!!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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07 octobre, 2015