I’m getting reaaal good at finding titles lately ha ha ha !! You know it’s a bit like the « Modjo » with men, it comes and goes and you cannot control it… And as you can see I’m going through quite a drought lately (when it comes to title, obviously). Anyway, this post had been ready for a few days but technology was not there. You couldn’t see anything but for me it was a different story… It was impossible to upload an article, like some sort of internet layoff… Hopefully I have a wonderful, very responsive team but it was quite annoying anyway ! (Thank you Romain!)

Let’s get back to business ! I made this snood on the go, literally as a sudden craving for cheese on a small piece of cereal bread with a wee bit of black cherry jam… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, this uncontrolled slip when you come across your fridge… Well, I have the same kind of slip when coming across my sewing machine… 

Last week I was suffering from the plague and the choléra altogether and the idea of going out was almost unconquerable without a scarf… (I disperse scarves like Little Thumb) So in no time I made a DIY lovey Snood, scarf or hood with perfect proportions (yes, I said perfect) 

Perfect because I really thing that the snood is a great invention, very cool, but people didn’t thing this great idea all the way through. A tube of wool, jersey or whatever you want, is fine but if it’s straight, when you put it on it never stick to your neck and you get the flu and buy a scarf… SNOOD 0 - FLU 1 / DRIPPING NOSE 1 - SEXINESS 0… Hard times.




To make this DIY: 

  • Cost about 20 euros (it depends on the quality of the beads you’ll find…)
  • Time about 2 hours, at a normal pace…
  • Difficulté « If you know how to sew really straight with a machine it’s better »…



To make this DIY, you will need:

  • 4 trapeziums of jersey, mine is a little quilted and I found it at Sacré Coupons (the trapezium template is available ICI)
  • about 60 beads of a 20 mm diameter (found at the chinese shops from rue du Temple, 75003)
  • pins, a large needle and black cord, 
  • and of course a sewing machine and a working iron.

Start with pinning on the sides, the bases, two trapeziums of fabric, right side against right side.




Once the right side is pinned, sew it with the machine at 1 cm from the edge, and don’t forget to open the seams with your iron. Start again with the other two trapeziums. You now have two identical tubes. The first one will be use as the right side and the second one as the wrong side. Do not worry they have the same proportions. I made them with the same fabric but feel free to make it bicolor and reversible. 

Keep your tubes on the wrong side (you have to see the seams) and put one into the other. Then you are going to assemble them right side against right side.




Start with the larger side, and help yourself with the seams already done to line up both tubes. Pin along the width of the tubes, your snood starts to appear… And sew it with the machine, don’t forget to open the seams…




Turn your snood on the right side. Make a small hem on both side on the right and the wrong sides of the base of your open snood. Finish with pinning these hems.




With a needle and a thread of the same color than the snood, close it by hand-sewing it, you’ll be more accurate. And there you go, you have a beautiful doubled jersey tube. Now let’s get to the « ethnic bling » details, metallic silver beads.




Still using the large needle and the cord thread, embroider the beads on the larger opening of the snood. I’d advise you to make a little knot between every beads, in order for you not to have a steam of beads on your shoes if an unfortunate accident such as « CAT/CLAWS/SNOOD » or any pointy situation occurs. You’ll see, it is very quick and once it’s done don’t forget to say TA-DA! 

Happy sunday kitties…



16 février, 2014