My little cats, here is the third and last-but-one post about the fashion week… But what a post ! Today I will talk about insanely insane shows, Sonia Rykiel and Tsumori Chisato along with a Tommy Hilfiger correcting session at their showroom. You can find all my pictures on my Pinterest. See you tomorrow for Chanel and JCDC… LOVE on you !

Let’s start with Sonia Rykiel’s backstage, the main line this time, the atmosphere was electric. Models arrived sparingly so a bunch of people were busying on them, frenetically removing their make-up, energetically undoing their hair, gently hydrating them, perfectly making them up and hastily doing their hair back and all of that at the same time!!! I think there was 8 to 10 people on one girl. Complete hysteria in the room. And yet everything seemed to work well, hairdressers and make-up artists weren’t bouncing into each other, as if everything was choreographed to the millimeter. So if you want to have beautiful waves, you simply have to braid your hair into two plaits, then spray them with an enormous amount of Elnett hair lacquer, and to « toast » them with a strengthener, to leave them for 30 minutes and to unbraid them and TA-DA! I’ll let you test that for me…




The show was completely insane, I managed to go where I could film the collection because if I’d stayed where I was supposed to I would have been able to film the ceiling honestly. So when lights went off I elbowed my way and went down a few steps, found a spot in the stairs. From where I was I could see Mrs Rykiel’s red hair in the front row. Miranda Kerr sets the tone, the show begins, camel, beige, cream, light pink, coral, winter will be sweet for Rykiel. The Mongolia’s furs are brushed so the hairs became downy like a Marabout reinterpretation of the brand’s emblematic coat. Of course amazing knit, with all over fair isle pattern, an entire outfit covered with the word « moi » (« me »). It makes you wonder whether Geraldo da Conceicao, the artistic director of the brand, is trying to mark its presence on the house… Very beautiful collection, it is certain that things are in safe hands, but I’m a little disappointed not to see models have fun and sparkle as it used to be.



In between shows I rush to the Tommy Hilfiger presentation, since I couldn’t be in New York for their show I’m going to their showroom for a correcting session. It’s getting stronger every day, winter will be colorful, and for Tommy it means checks, the good old Canadian trapper checkers ! Skirt with flatten pockets alert… (in the above video!)




And Tsumori Chisato, I could talk about it for hours… I was so lucky to be able to see the last fittings before the show but also the make-up and hair tests and of course the backstage and during the show I was able to be with the photographers which really is the best spot to take right photos and videos.




It was really crazy to be able to attend such confidential times, it always gives me a rush of adrenalin during which I feel so privileged… (Thank you Jun!) But to be honest with you and since I worked in a designer house, days before the show as calm as Tsumori Chisato’s don’t really exist… The showroom was very quiet even though it was packed and everyone was accomplishing its task, once again it was all very choreographed. The creative studio is based in Japan and everybody arrives in Paris a few weeks before D day to create the show… The core of the collection is already ready for a while which might explain the surrounding calm.




The theme of the collection is « winter jungle », palm trees, toucans, gorillas, bananas, all revisited and not taken literally but very very figuratively… The collection is completely crazy but I personally see myself wearing a green or purple toucan sweater, a black sweater with banana sleeves, a green coat with gorilla teething as a pocket piping, without a problem… 




About the « hair and make-up » I feel like the brief was ANN the beautiful King King blond girl (the one from 1933), a little pin up but also savage… with very glamorous curls and fake blurry bobbed hair, smoky eyes and beautiful read lips… I admit, I loved this beauty treatment…


04 mars, 2014