Happy friday my cats!

I’m full of energy, in a great shape, with a bunch of ideas and in a very good mood, isn’t it great ? I’m receiving dozen of emails asking me if there will be a workshop in november, unfortunately there won’t because: I don’t have time to organize it, I have loads of work and, I’m not complaining but it’s quite a work to organize those workshops, and since I don’t want to rush anything, I’d rather postpone it and make two of them in December!

A « free » workshop with Uniqlo, free because I will allow you to win 5 tickets and 5 other tickets will be to win on Uniqlo’s Facebook page, but don’t worry I’ll talk about that when time comes. December is going to be crazy on Make my lemonade, you’ll see!

And there will be another workshop by the end of December, a « normal » one. If you don’t want to miss anything, I’ll tell the time and date of the putting online of the workshops in the blog newsletter, a newsletter that will smell good lemon and will not invade your mailbox, just once a month I promise!




Today I’d like to talk to you about jeans. I don’t bring them here very often, I don’t like them, I never find a pair that fits, I feel uncomfortable and I make up complex when it comes to them, actually I don’t like trying them on. I feel squeezed into, pressed and completely annoyed after trying on two of them, I want to rip them off and to run away. I’m kind of jeanophobic. I have to admit I’m no Gisele Bündchen nor Kate Moss, as most of living people you’d say… A few months ago, I gave up on skinny jeans, because once I was fitted into them I felt like I was only wearing tights, hence, completely naked… But I’m okay. I gave up on low waist jeans, it was making me look like I had 20-cm-legs. I gave up on high waist jeans, avoiding looking like I had two muffins above my waist. I gave up on boyfriend jeans, I quickly looked like I was 14 and listening to SUM 41.

Yeah, my life is hard, I know. And then, the other day, I gave up and asked for help. The lovely saleswoman from Topshop, Sophie gave me the Graal, the MUM. Alleluia.




Yeah, the MUM, literally the mum’s pair of jeans, this is the right picture. High waisted but not too high, a long crotch (it lengthen your legs of at least 20 cm), and a perfect regular cut that doesn’t « hug » anything but that is not boyfriend either, and little important bonus: the ankles are slightly narrowed, if you fold it down a little you’ll look like a kid. This is a declaration of love to my pair of MUM jeans. And here I am, making you the perfect look (to me anyway): Baby’s look in Dirty Dancing.




I’m wearing a pair of MUM jeans from Topshop, a silk shirt and socks from Joe Fresh, you can find similar ones here, a Primark jacket (I’m being told that Primark is arriving In Marseille, let’s pack people), in meantime you can find a similar there. A beautiful pin made by Karuna Balloo. And a Sézane pair of heels, incredibly eighties. 

Rendez-vous during the weekend for an easy DIY, yes two DIYs this week, I told you it was going to be Christmas around here…

22 novembre, 2013