My little chestnuts! 
I hope you’re doing fine with some ray of sunshine on your life for the end of the week. Okay if you’re in Paris, I won’t say anything except maybe don’t put your head in the oven please. Chin up - even though at the time I’m writing it’s pouring rain outside, summer is here in 28 days ! Adopt the colorful method, when I see myself in a window or a car side-mirror I blind myself (Yes I’m dazzling with this outfit) from socks to the trench with disco shoes. That day I was called « little chick », « my sun, « Lisa banana » but nobody thought « lemon »… How weird ? The thing is that we are in May and I refuse to wear tights again. So since the beginning of the week I’m pulling out short jumpsuits and mini skirts but I almost got pneumonia. Shorts + bike + rain = having the voice of Chewbacca for 3 days, I knew it but it is the 25th of May for God sakes ! (Happy Mother’s day to my mom ! I call you later)




Anyways. This week I finished quite a lot of projects that I’ll talk to your about soon around here so I’m happy ! And I think that this spring tornado is calming now so I feel like I’m going to have some time to use my sewing machine again and make you some things you should enjoy… I know that some of you read it last week in the ELLE issue but for those of you who don’t read that feminine cornerstone, this summer I start a little templates retail business (to sew). A kind of dressing of my « twisted » basics, it’ll be a sewing rendezvous here every month. 




I really look happy to seat on the back of the bench… Okay back to the essential and important stuff… I’m wearing a white short jumpsuit by a very solo band named Lab dip, you can find a similar one ici, a classical but with a perfect fit denim shirt from Asos, a yellow trench that’ll prevent your from being depressed by Warehouse, a flower made by my sweet Karuna Balloo, my collection of thai rings and my indian three-fingers ring… Doré Doré socks and Georgia Rose shoes we transformed into jewelry during the last workshop with Sarenza, to be continued… 
Lisa banana


25 mai, 2014