Hello kitties!

I am writing to you today to tell you more about our much-talked-about collaboration with the eyeglass-maker Jimmy Fairly! Not because I lost my old pair of Lemons but because you all went nuts over the first edition in September! The pink sunglasses with mirror lenses, and the tortoise shell glasses, quickly found a home upon your little noses… And since the day they went out of stock, many of you have written to us asking when there would be more. Alas, the answer is there will be no more, the concept of a limited edition means that when there are no more, it’s done…


So we thought to ourselves, why not remake them but this time, completely out of acetate, exclusively? Not two pairs, but four, in small quantities, so they become true collectors’ items (yes, collector, and nothing less…). To tell you the truth, I wanted to do only 3. But I was incapable of choosing between two acetates, a darker tortoise shell than the first version, and a slightly sparkly tortoise shell (glitter forever). I asked for your feedback on Instagram and no majority opinion came forward, so since we were on the same page, we listened to you, and we made 2…


I therefore officially declare, with much excitement, the return of the Lemons at Jimmy Fairly !

  • In dark tortoise shell, a good, basic model! In both prescription or with brown sun lenses.
  • In glittery tortoise shell, for a little twist, both prescription and sunglasses…
  • In tortoise shell blue Majorelle, my favorites, both prescription and sunglasses as well.
  • In granite acetate, only available as sunglasses, with grey mirror lenses!


So there you have it, this time, once again, I wanted to come up an even better concept, since last time it was about creating an illustration on the packaging, but this time I wanted to give you a real, little item. Yes indeed, with each purchase of a pair of glasses, you will receive a little notebook that matches your glasses, stamped with short mantras which are dear to us here at the studio.



That’s it, little birdies, I hope this last edition of Lemons is to your liking… Since it will be the last! This mini-collection will be available for 10 days exclusively at the new boutique on rue Montorgeuil ! And after that, you will be able to find them at all the other boutiques and on-line at the e-shop for the sweet price of 99€.



 Until that time comes, because you are the best, you can win a pair of Lemons by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article! We have been spoiling you a lot lately around here…To participate, it’s pretty simple, as usual we want to read your comments. Tell us how you feel when you wear glasses and tell us what your favorite pair is! As for me, when I wear eyeglasses I feel like Vera from Scooby Doo, as if I instantly won the neuron lottery, maybe because suddenly I can see clearly and everything becomes limpid…In short, tell me about you! I will also pick the winner at random with the Happy Friday post! Nothing but big news this Friday. Sending you big kisses! Start hitting those keyboards!

Thank you to Lydie for the superb photos and for the lovely moment we spent together, you can find her work here ! I’d also like to give a big thank you to the team at Jimmy Fairly !


Translated by Ida Driscoll

15 avril, 2015