My chestnuts, it’s on the verge of tears, with tremolo in my voice that I’m talking to you today... Please read this post while listening to this song... 

I wrote a book. I received my book. It’s been in my bag for 9 days, I take it to Monoprix (the grocery store), into the subway, to party, in my bed. What a shock. I don’t actually realize all the work I’ve done since I started but flipping through its 200 pages filled with the colors of photos and pictures I think «Damn! I did all this!» What a shock it is indeed, going from digital to paper everything becomes real, worse even tangible...

I’m sure that if you’re active on the networks, or a little blog-connected, you already know about it... My internet friends would already have whispered the news to you... If I didn’t tell you before it was because I wanted to keep it for myself a little bit longer. Make My Party gets out on thursday the 13th, I stop while writing it, it’s silly, because the 13th of June, in two days, it will no longer be mine, it will be yours and it makes me feel something, it’s warm and pleasant to share it with you and yet there is a gigantic fear that’s coming around... What if you don’t like it ? I try not to think about it. 




I don’t think there has been one project in my life I put as much energy, sweat and heart as this one... I wanted to quit a few times, «it’s too ambitious», «it’s too soon», «I’ll never get to finish it» and then as I went along, one step at a time, thanks to you as well because I was telling you «I don’t want to hear any: I can’t do it, I’ll never be able to do it», I thought «Damn, you are so lucky to be able to do something like that, stop complaining and keep going». I didn’t want to botch it and think in 6 months from now «I can’t even look at it I’ve seen it too much». I want to be able to grab it in 6 months, and flip through it, smell it and feel proud. So it’s been almost a year since I know the news, I’ve been working on it for 9 months and in two days it will be everywhere*...

 Well, I simply want to tell you Thank You. I want to scream THANK YOU! Thank you to Eyrolles, to Anne who took my hand and told me «let’s write a book» (hum yeah sure!), thanks to Charlotte my photographer who chose me and became my friend, she worked relentlessly while studying, thanks to Claire, lovely florist who’s been my flower dealer during this adventure... Thanks to Bonsoir Paris who backed me against the wall and kicked my ass so that I make my own dummy and not just wait for them to show me some ideas so I can just put my name next to it... Thank you to them for their demand and rigor and their precious time when I was dealing with Indesign... Thanks to everyone in this book, who make it a little more alive... And for their smile when they first had it into their hands. 




I’m so full of gratitude, I did it and I did not do it alone so thank you to everybody, to my friends, to my family and of course to you, reader of the shadow, thank you for believing in me because it is the most wonderful power and today I hope that I will be up to your expectations.

And since I’m the worse Care Bears you’ll ever know I’m shedding a tear writing this post... Anyway I will complete this post as I run into every people that worked on this book, here we are now and if you want to give me a present... If you buy the book, send me a picture of you with it, as they do! Or we can do better (the joy of generation 2.0) you could send me your picture on instagram using the hashtag #makemyparty and I’ll extend this family portrait! THANK YOU! 

And of course if you want to win one, leave me a comment and tell me anything you want to ... No rules for today I am only Love... I will pick 5 winners in 24 hours! Tomorrow at 7 actually!

 *in every FNAC, Amazon and please ask to the bookseller in your neighborhood FIRST! I looooooooooove you !



And the bonus, thanks you Mai for this video, this memory I’ll have for ever, the opening of the envelope (she caught the delivery man who brought the book... This girl has magic powers...) 

11 juin, 2013