Hello everyone!

Yesterday was not a sunny day at all, it was cold sometimes and for the first time in months, I wore a pullover in Paris… I felt weird and I heard things like “I love the light when summer ends”. My kitties, I have bad news: summer holidays are ending… It is going to be fine I promise. Especially because being back to school is so nice, I love the atmosphere but also when I prepare my outfit on my bed the day before, smell of the book covers, see my friends again and take good resolutions! Here we are, I am preparing a super easy DIY that I just loved to do: a camo jacket, you all have one in your wardrobe… Instead of the denim Levi’s jacket, with this one you will loose 15 years and you will feel like if the picture of Che Guevara that you stuck in your agenda cover could be back in your bag at any time… Do not worry, I know how to twist your camo jacket: felt polka dots!




Polka dots again you would say? Yes I know, but when you love… and I think it is a good way to refresh the jacket you do not wear anymore because you cannot throw it away… This kind of paper is often used to write numbers on football/soccer shirts and it is a revolution! A revolution because it is supposed to be used with a special press, like screen-printing… I made some tests and I found that if you use your iron around 160°C/190°C between viscose and cotton, it works!




For this DIY, you need:

  • - A military/camo jacket
  • - 50cm white velvet paper that you can find here
  • - An iron
  • - A robust hole puncher
  • - A ruler and a pen but not mandatory




Start to make some rounds in this amazing material as if it was paper. You can also make squares, triangles, or even letters, have fun!




If you really want the polka dots to be in order, you can take a ruler and a pen to mark the different places you want to put them. Personally, I found it far better when they are not really in order and even overlapped sometimes… Be careful, there are 2 sides!




Yes there are 2 different sides: one a bit beiger than the other that will be against the fabric and another completely shiny that will be against the iron. Iron the dots during 15 seconds doing some circles in order not to burn the fabric and then take off the shiny part.




Before starting, I advice you to make some tests inside your jacket so that you can set your iron temperature and play with the dots’ sides. Here we are! I send you big kisses!




Translated by Coralie Clair

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19 août, 2015