Hello my little kitties!

I am so happy to announce you that Lorenzo P. is back with an adorable DIY for the Lemon Week! I hope you will like it, and get ready to use your scissors my birds!


Today we are going to create a small Eiffel Tower with the Lemon Week colors! I recently had to imagine a small-scale model in paper for the series’ credits “The Adventurers of Modern Art” and I had the idea of this DIY. It will be a more fashionable and simplified version of this famous monument. It almost takes half a day to do it!




You need:

  • - Two colored A4 papers (90-120g),
  • - Paper edger scissors (I love them),
  • - Scissors,
  • - A cutter (craft knife) or a scalpel,
  • - A cutting/chopping/carving board,
  • - Some glue,
  • - A ruler,
  • - The patterns: you can download them here and here,

Start to print the patterns on the colored sheets.




First, cut the diamonds from the inside with cutter or scalpel before anything else. It is easier and you will not wrap the paper during this step. In order to make it fast, because you have around 200 diamonds, you can cut all the parallel lines at the same time. If you simplify your movements you will save time. However, if you are not enough patient or if you just want to do the DIY with a kid, you have the possibility not to cut the diamonds and let them printed like this. The Eiffel Tower will be a little bit heavier but we will still recognize it. We are now going to prepare the first floor of the towel: mark the fold with the cutter and the ruler following the dotted lines. It is a simple step but if you do it well your scale model will look so nice.




With scissors follow the black lines. Here we are, the first floor is almost done!




Just fold the dotted lines and stick the strips.




Do it for the other floors of the tower.




Stick the floors together!




Cut, fold and then stick the heart-shaped top of the tower.




Now that the Eiffel Tower looks nice, let’s do the final touch. In the scrap paper, cut some paper strips with a cutter and then use paper edger scissors to cut them.




Stick the strips, tiles down, between the floors. Your tower will look so much better with details like these ones so do not hesitate to repeat the operation for every floor.




Here we are! Have fun with colors too!

Lorenzo P.

Translated by Coralie Clair

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23 juin, 2015