Happy Monday my little kitties!

In this first post of the week, we are going to focus on details! Yesterday, I was talking about being organized and taking care of each detail during the preparation of a wedding, because so many things are out of control (fortunately). However, if you are a “control freak” too, it can be nice to think about everything, just to surprise your guests. To focus on the contrast with the under construction ultra modern house, I wanted to have ancient tableware that does not necessarily match… I think I have spent some many hours on American wedding websites, and for me, the finishing touch was china and crystal tableware to complete this poetic ambiance: the romantic touch to soften the raw space…




After some researches on Internet, I found the company run by Marine and Jeremy, two friends who started the entrepreneurship adventure with the concept of rental vintage tableware: After Marine’s wedding, she got the idea. Indeed, she found all the necessary tableware for this event months before the D-Day. Once the wedding over, she did not know what to do with all this nice tableware. Sell it? Better! Rent it in kit so that everyone can enjoy it. You can rent guests kits with 2 plates, 3 glasses, cutlery, cup and saucer for €3 per person (starting price) but you can also add one or two options for crystal glasses.




Marine and Jeremy came to the office to present us their concept and during one afternoon, we have created a festive table with their tableware. I wanted to have a table with audacious colors such as orange, purple, and sea green on some plates… All the tableware comes from their website, the tablecloth is from Ikea, the bouquet from the wonderful Debeaulieu florist. In the glasses (because I am sure you are wondering what it is) you can find blackberry cordial from Ikea, and in the small glasses it is Aperol… You can obviously use some fruits as decoration. Here we chose clementines from Corsica because you can use the leaves to write the name of your guests on! I send you big kisses and see you tomorrow for a stationary post!





Translated by Coralie Clair
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19 octobre, 2015