Greetings like no other! Here is a flowery DIY to send your wishes to your loved ones, almost like a gift! Easy to make (promise), it won't take you long to do and will, we guarantee, have a maxi effect. 🫶

👉For this DIY you need:

  • crepe paper or tissue paper in several colors
  • scissors
  • green glue
  • green wire in two thicknesses: thick for the flower stems and thin for the leaves
  • pistils (optional)
  • green masking tape or green floral tape
  • white masking tape or pretty labels
  • a fine black marker
  • a small box to hold your flowers and send your greetings (available in stationery stores)
  • small thin ribbons
  • pins (optional)
  • white featherboard (optional)

Note: you can find much of this material (especially beautiful pistils) at @adelineklam, the kingdom of DIY paper flowers! 

👉How to do :

Flower n°1 (big flower)

Start by cutting a rectangle of crepe paper, in the direction it is most elastic (we will only use this direction in this DIY). The dimensions are about 13 cm x 5 cm. Fold it into an accordion: the width of it should be what you want your petals to be (here, about 2 cm). Make a triangle cut at the top of your folding, as shown in the video. Unfold, and use this mark to cut out your petals one by one, ideally 5. 

Shape your petals by spreading the paper with its elasticity. 

Now cut out two rectangles about 3 cm high. Put some glue on them, then your wire folded in half on the first rectangle. Now place a few pistils folded in half that should be a little higher than the paper to remain visible. Fold over as shown tightly, and wrap the paper around the pistils and the wire, still holding tight with your index finger, until you get to the end of your paper which is thus rolled up. 🌀 Take the second rectangle and proceed in the same way to roll it up as well. You have the heart of your flower! 🫶

Now you can return to your petals: perfect their shape by refining their base with scissors.

Put a little glue in the inside of your petals, only at the bottom. Then place them one by one on the heart of the flower, staggered, until you have a whole flower. 

For now, don't try to perfect your flower: let it dry! 🌬️

Put a little glue on your floral tape, then starting from the base of the flower wrap it around the stem, always very (very!) tightly. Twirl it around, and add a leaf if you wish (see below). 

Once everything is dry, you can now improve your flower, open its petals, adjust them ... 


To create leaves, simply cut out two leaf shapes from green crepe paper, then put glue on them. Take a piece of thin wire, and place the two shapes in a "sandwich", glued together. Create the stem by covering the wire with tightly wrapped green floral tape and twirl it in there too. And...voila! 🌿

Flower n°2 (small flowers)

Proceed almost identically, except for a few differences. 

First cut a shorter, lower rectangle, so that the flower is logically smaller. Choose a paper as thin as possible.

When making a cut in the accordion-folded paper, make a rounded cut, not a triangular one. 

Then, when you unfold the accordion, do not cut the petals but leave it as it is, like a ribbon. Put some glue at the bottom and wrap it around the heart of the flower little by little. No need to put rectangles for the center, the flower being very light, the pistils are enough to hold it. 

Proceed the same way as the flower n°1 for the rest (stem, leaves...), you can as here make two flowers on the same stem by joining them by floral tape. Finally when everything is dry you can carefully open your flowers which will be able to bloom like magic! 🪄


Add the finishing touches: a pretty ribbon, a handwritten label with your sweet words, and finally a pin or two stuck in the flowers, very useful to hold it all together! To perfect the look, cut a small piece of white featherboard the size of your box and slide it into the bottom: you can now easily pin your flowers to it, which will be all the more raised, as if hanging.

And ... TA-DA!!! đź’ś Now you can add a nice tape to close your box, write the address on it and ... send your wishes!